200 /300 Hour

Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships in India

Why 200 / 300 Hour Yoga TTC Scholarship in Rishikesh

Yogic Wisdom should be available to all. This is Rishikul Yogshala Rishikesh's Ideology.

But due to certain financial constraints, a lot of people are undergoing a certain financial strain and we believe Money should not be a hindrance to someone's Physical, Mental, or Spiritual Evolution.

Every Student of Yoga is on a Quest and we value your Quest. Hence we have taken an initiative to lower our fees as much as possible, while also maintaining the high standards which have been set up by Rishikul Yogshala Rishikesh over the last several years.

Our New Scholarship Program is designed to inspire all those people who feel that Pure Yogic Wisdom is out of their Reach.

Who is Eligible?

Our Scholarships for Yoga teacher training program is designed for our Passionate Yogis irrespective of their background or occupation.

So we are inviting the applicants who meet the below criteria:

Are you in need of financial assistance for this Course?

Have been practicing yoga for a minimum of two years?

Can you commit to 90% attendance?

Will you be able to be involved in Karma Yoga Projects?

Can you send any link stating your yoga experiences from Pictorial, Fb, or Insta?

Courses - Inclusion & Exclusion

What is Included in the Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships?

We request all our scholarship applicants pay a nominal fee to cover their food and accommodation costs during their time with us at the TTC programs.

The nominal fees includes Clean and Comfortable Shared Accommodation within the school premise

Brunch, Tea & Snacks, and Dinner are prepared with Yogic herbs and holistic recipes. All provisions are mindful of the yogic requirements of our budding yogis.

What is Excluded?

Airport Transport


Spa Services

What You Will Learn From Our

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Embrace the joy of unfolding the magnificence of life with expert teachers training from Rishikul Yogashala’s headquarters at Rishikesh.
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  • In-depth study and yoga practice of Hatha yoga and Ashtanga Yoga in Rishikesh.
  • Learn about the adjustment and alignment techniques for an injury-free and faultless practice.
  • Learn about yoga’s fascinating history and take part in discussions about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
  • Regularly take part in active meditation sessions and develop an awareness of the various dimensions.
  • Practice various types of pranayamas or breathing techniques.
  • Yoga Nidra: Discover the concept that will introduce you to peacefulness and calmness.
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  • Experience the cleansing practices through Shatkarma techniques.
  • Our 200-hour Teacher Training Yoga course in Rishikesh will also introduce you to the concept of Basic Ayurveda; along with mantra and mudra yoga to nurture positive vibrations inside.
  • We demonstrate the workings of the human musculoskeletal system through anatomy and physiology sessions.
  • Participate in interactive teaching sessions where our teachers guide you on teaching a class and turn you into an effective teacher.
  • Enjoy your time with your fellow yogis with our fun activities like laughter yoga classes, dance yoga classes, and more.
  • Explore this land of yoga and spirituality by taking part in excursions to nearby places.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga teacher training in India essentially includes the practice of various asanas and pranayama to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. In keeping with a deep conviction in yoga, the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India at Rishikul Yogshala consists of a carefully curated curriculum that includes several yoga postures to improve the yogi's physical strength as well as mental well-being. Also, the conscious and intentional control of breath along with the techniques of Pranayama is highly valued and taught in the course.

200-hour yoga teacher training begins with yoga philosophy where you will learn about the intriguing history of yoga and participate in interactive learning sessions to help you become an effective yoga teacher. The course includes the yogic practices of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga that empower the practitioner to gain a deeper insight into the numerous benefits that can be derived from these techniques.

An effective yoga teacher is one who pays close attention to each and every person doing the asanas as you may have to design modifications for some practitioners who cannot do the asanas easily. And this can be done only if you are familiar with the essential techniques of teaching an asana session. This 200 Hour Yoga teacher training in India is curated with all the basics of teaching methodology like preparation of classroom, sequencing of class, demonstration techniques, and describing the purpose and benefits of practicing Yoga. In addition, you will also learn how to adjust and adapt poses and make the necessary changes for difficult poses.

Through this investment of your 200 hours, you will master adjustment and alignment techniques for a flawless and injury-free yoga practice.

Yoga Curriculum

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

yoga ttc rishikesh

Yoga TTC Curriculum

  • What is Hatha yoga?
  • Surya Namaskar with mantra awareness
  • Sukshma Vyama ( joints and glands exercise)
  • Standing series of asana
  • Kneeling series of asana
  • Sitting series of asana
  • Lying on stomach series of Asana
  • Supine series of asana
  • Inversion series of asana
  • Asana benefits and its contra-indications
  • Primary Series explanation
  • What is Vinyasa?
  • 9 Drishti in Ashtanga series
  • Importance of Ujjai and Bandhas in series
  • Chest breathing v/s diaphragmatic breathing
  • What are Prana and Pranayama mean?
  • Types of Pranayama practice
  • What is Nadi?
  • What are Ida, Pingala and Sushmana?
  • Seven main practices of Pranayama
  • Importance of Mudra according to Hatha Yoga
  • Types of Mudra
  • Practicum of Gyana & Chin Mudra
  • Practicum of Ashwini Mudra
  • Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Mudra
  • What is Darshanam?
  • What is Yoga?
  • The five kosha (bodies)
  • What is Self-Realization & Liberation? Why?
  • What is consciousness?
  • The four faculties of mind –field
  • Five Stages of Mind -Field
  • The four foundational Pillars of life
  • Eight limbs of Yoga of Patanjali
  • What is waking state in Yogic Science?
  • What is dreaming state in Yogic Science?
  • What is Deep sleep state in Yogic Science?
  • What is Yogic Anatomy and physiology?
  • Introduction of the respiratory system and yogic breathing
  • How shat kriya practices give benefits on a body?
  • How Pranayama practices give connection to a digestive and immune system?
  • How asana practices give various effects on joints, spine and muscular system?
  • The structure of the spine and its movement in yoga
  • Types of contraction in the muscular system
  • Know the basic studies aspects of yoga and types of joints to avoid injury during Asana classes
  • Studies and discussion about spine according to a yogic point of view
  • What is Meditation?
  • What is the difference between Dharana and Dhyana?
  • What are types of Meditation
  • Breath Awareness Meditation
  • Contemplative Walking Meditation
  • Mantra Awareness Meditation
  • Candle and Inner Light Meditation
  • Full moon Meditation
  • What is Yoga Nidra?
  • What is sleep?
  • Four states of consciousness
  • Benefits of deep sleep
  • Yoga Nidra practices from Satyananda tradition
  • How Yoga Nidra practices cure insomnia problems?
  • Adjusting in Shavansana
  • Six steps of doing Asana correctly
  • The fundamentals of practicing side extension, forward extension, backward extension and revolving action
  • How to correct postures verbally and by hands on adjustments Modifying the asana
  • Various limitation, contra-indications and benefits of yoga asana
  • Introduction of Shat Kriya according to Hatha Yoga
  • Practicum of Jal Neti and Sutra Neti (Cleansing Mucus or blockages from nasal passages and sinus)
  • Introduction of Mantra yoga
  • Significance of (OM)-AUM
  • Mantra for Meal Purification
  • Mantra for Obstacles
  • Mantra for universal masters to bless
  • Mantra for Realization
  • Mantra for well being
  • Disciplines of yoga teachers and students in yoga ashrams
  • The scope of listening, presence, directive and non-directive dialogue
  • How important is demonstration?
  • What are the preparations for classroom?
  • How to sequence the class?
  • How to describe the practice, techniques, and delivery in teaching a class?
  • Discussion on different types of lesson planning

Ayurvedic Curriculum

yoga ttc rishikesh


  • What is Ayurveda ?
  • Why Ayurveda and yoga are co sisters in the path of good health?
  • Fundamentals of body constitutions in Ayurveda 
  • Concept of metabolic Toxins in Ayurvedic science 
  • Practical Concept of Panchakarma in  Ayurveda 
  • Practical Idea of Six tastes in Ayurveda
  • Understanding the major seven important tissues for better transformations
  • The concept of Agni (Digestive Fire)
  • The concept of Ayurvedic Idea of  Nutrition
  • Concept of Seasonal Routines to adopt for better  lifestyle 


  • Stress releasing facial massage techniques
  • Basic idea of Marma points
  • Two Ayurvedic cooking practices for better lifestyle
  • Three best herbal detox drinks to boost immunity
  • Local Treatment method for Lower back pain
  • Basic practical idea of Pulse Reading method in Ayurveda 

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India

Daily Schedule

Time Activity
05:30 AM - 6:00 AM Morning Tea
06:00 AM - 07:30 AM Hatha Yoga
07:45 AM - 08:45 AM Pranayama
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM Breakfast
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Yoga Philosophy
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM Tea Time
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM Mantra/Ayurveda/Teaching Methodology
01:00 PM - 01:45 PM Lunch
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM Yoga Anatomy/Alignment Class
04:00 PM - 04:15 PM Tea Break
04:15 PM - 05:45 PM Ashtanga Yoga
06:00 PM - 07:00 PM Meditation/Yoga Nidra
07.00 PM - 07:45 PM Dinner
Schedule On Wednesday
Time Activity
6:00 AM Shat Kriya – Cleansing Practice
7:30 AM Self-Practice
8:30 AM Breakfast
10:30 AM Self-Practicum
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Rest
1:30 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Free/ Rest/ Beach/ Self Study
Schedule On Sunday
Whole day is Rest / Holiday / Field Visits
Includes Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner in Campus
Food & Accommodation

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Indian food
Indian food
Indian food
Indian food
Indian food
Indian food

Yogic Food

It is said that our eating style is a reflection of our internal state. “You become what you intake" - The kind of Food (Ahar) which you consume, determines; who you become. Yogic Diet is based on Cleansing and Healing Mechanism thus rejuvenating the budding Yogis. The diet provided by Rishikul Yogshala Rishikesh equips one physically in increasing the flexibility and stamina for the Intense Yogic Practices. The diet also nourishes the mind and emotions and brings in a state of Calmness and Tranquility.

Yogic Accommodation

An Ideal Accommodation is necessary to such an extent that it will get one to unwind after a lovely Yogic experience. Convenience is additionally an essential part of making the experience of Yoga seriously enriching and advantageous.

Nestled within the foothills of the Himalayan region, beside the beautiful Ganges; Living in the nearby embrace of nature in itself is a reviving encounter for the “would be” True Yogi.

Everyone is obliged to a sterile and pleasant room on a private and sharing basis. Each of these rooms offers the following Amenities –

Twin beds with adequate lighting & Free Wi-Fi access

Private and clean washrooms with 24*7 hot running shower facilities.

A Study Area with a coffee table and a chair

The beds of the rooms have comfortable sleep mattresses guaranteeing tranquil evenings and window blinds for a relaxing sleep

A serene area for a comfortable and convenient stay is the motivation that we strive here for our Rishikul Yogis.


Yoga School in Rishikesh

Q Who can enroll for the yoga teacher training scholarships?

Your Scholarship program is designed for our Passionate Yogis irrespective of their background or occupation.
So we are inviting the applicants who meet the below criteria:

Are you in need of financial assistance for this Course?
Have been practicing yoga for a minimum of two years?
Can you commit to 90% attendance?
Will you be able to be involved in Karma Yoga Projects?
Send any link from Facebook, Instagram, or pictorial stating your yoga experiences

Q Who Can Enrol For This Course?

Although anyone can enrol in this course. However, to prepare for the intensive course that continues over the course of a month, we always recommend starting practicing some asana at home or at a studio near your place. You can also read books on yoga to create a bit of an understanding of ancient science so that you can easily grab what is being taught in the class. Anyone can enrol in these yoga courses.

Q What Are The Yoga Styles Taught During Yoga TTC In Rishikesh?

Our extensive course offers the most ancient styles of yoga - Hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, and Ashtanga yoga, along with breathing and mindfulness practices. You will also study adjustment and alignment techniques, philosophy of yoga, human anatomy, Yoga Nidra, Mantra, Mudra, and much more throughout the duration of the course.

Q Why Should I Go For The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh?

As already the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh has its own energy and spiritual aura that supports yoga practice. The yoga teachers practicing and spreading the ancient wisdom in Rishikesh are natural as they happen to practice the art right from their childhood. Thus, the place serves as the ideal location to learn yoga from its roots and understand its true essence. Beginning your yogic journey from the land of yoga’s birth will help you to build a strong foundation and enhance the same with further practices and studies.

Q Will The Certificate Issued By Rishikul Yogshala Be Valid In My Home Country?

The certificate issued by Rishikul Yogshala is approved by Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International. It is a globally recognized certificate in the yoga community that will also enable you to teach in your hometown. You can visit Course Fee for more details.

Q Will I be allowed to ask further questions related to the syllabus if any?

Whatever question comes to the mind of the student will be welcomed and answered accordingly. Questions help to understand the topic more clearly. A clear understanding of the subject will make you a better yogi and yoga teacher.

Q Can I Stay An Extra Day After Or Before The Course?

Yes, you can stay for an extra day before or after the course only if there is an availability of accommodation. Also, your extra stay will be chargeable. For more information, you can contact us prior to your arrival and we will do the needful to help you out.

Q What If I Have An Existing Condition/Injury Can I Still Join The Training?

It is always a good idea to consult with your general practitioner before arriving for the course. Our free consultation session with our trainers will also be helpful where you can discuss your issues and get the necessary help. In case you are suffering from a condition, our trainers will take the necessary steps to tweak the practice to suit your needs and make you comfortable.

Q After Completion Of The Course Will I Be Eligible To Teach Yoga?

After the completion of the course, you will be certified with Yoga Alliance which is Internationally recognized, so definitely you will be able to teach. But we would suggest you practice as much as you can even after the completion of the training. In order to get the very essence of yoga, years and years of effort are required. You can also apply for yoga instructor jobs in your hometown or other places to better yourself in the art of teaching.

Q How Many Days Off Are There In A Week?

It depends on the course you are pursuing. For the 200-hour yoga teacher training, every Wednesday and Sunday is off.

Q What Is The Refund Policy At Rishikul Yogshala?

The booking amount of USD 100 is non-refundable. In case you have to cancel your booking, don’t be worried. The booking amount will be valid for a period of one year. You can always come back any time during that period to take part in any of our courses without the need to pay any deposit amount again.

Q Visa Information

You are advised to apply for ETourist visa only. Please refer to this link – Indian Visa Online Website

Q How to Reach Us?

By Airway: The nearest domestic airport is the Jolly Grant Airport (approximately 35 km away) and the other International Airport is New Delhi Airport (250 km from Rishikesh). At both these airports, there is easy access to taxis and buses. If required, you can also contact the school directly for the pickup (additional charges may apply).

By Railway: The closest railway station is in Haridwar (approximately 25 km away). Also, Haridwar is connected to many main Indian cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Varanasi, and Lucknow. Upon de-boarding at the Haridwar railway station, you can also book a taxi to the school

By Roadways - Bus / Cabs: Rishikesh has great road connectivity to all the Indian cities. Both private and government buses and Cabs are also available from different cities.

Q Do You Have Yoga Retreats as well ? What is included in the Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh?

Our retreat program is the most fairly priced Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh. In our pocket-Loving yoga retreat program, you can partake in the dawn from the glorious Himalayan mountains.

We include local excursions and expeditions for our yoga retreat Sessions. You can encounter the gifts of the well-known Ganga Aarti of Rishikesh. Additionally, we have included adventure activities, for example, Rafting, Camping, and Trekking in our yoga retreat program.

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