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Life @ Rishikul Yogshala Rishikesh resonates a Yogic life with an element of Joy.

We believe that every student is on a Quest.

  • Quest to Understand their Physical State
  • Quest to Understand their Mental State
  • Quest to Understand their Mystical State

We believe that when the Environment is supportive, the Quest is Complete.

We provide a Comfortable Stay, A Tasteful Nourishment, A Joyful Company & More important of all a Yogic Culture

"Your Quest Begins from your home and Ends here!!!"

Experience India

Visiting India
We help you See it
through Our Eyes and through Your Heart!!!

Experience True Indian Yogic lifestyle

India is a Large Country with Diverse language and Culture. The Beautiful Rich Diversity adds in a bit of a Cultural Shock for the first time visitors - Be it Large Population, Noise, Traffic or Animals on the Road.

But here at Rishikul Yogshala Rishikesh - We take care of you - Through our Wonderful Staff and Our Very Own Knowledgeable Teachers. All our Students who have graduated with our Teacher Training have always vouched to have felt a Life Changing Experience within them.

They had acquired this Profound Experience through the Classes they had attended, the food they ate during the course or the friends they made during this program.

They say some moments bring about a Life Time Experience and the Teacher Training Programs at Rishikul Yogshala Rishikesh offers one such possibility to every student.

"Don’t just practice Yoga with Us.. Live the Yogic Life with Us."

Create and Cement a New Bond

Once you leave India
you take with you Bagful of Memories and
Relationships that will last for a Lifetime!!!

You Will Not Miss Your Family; We are Your Family!!!

You will not miss your friends and family in Rishikesh. Everything about this Culture will make you feel at home. You'll feel the magic being a part of our teacher training course. How about -

Interacting with the local school children

Connecting with the Neighbours to understand their Culture

Talking to the Local Shopkeepers

Creating Yummy Feasts from your Respective Country by collaborating with Our Staff

Learn While having Fun

An unwinding event
during the day offs to rejuvenate and
enhance your learning experience!!!

Scheduled Sightseeing for Fun & Relaxation

After the entire Week’s Scheduled Training, you also get a Day and half off. Rishikul Yogshala ashram organizes local excursion to areas of Interest. You may choose to visit the temples, waterfalls, and ashrams in Rishikesh.

Meditation while Sunrises or Sun salutation with the rising sun is mainly loved and desired by all; we make sure to arrange an activity like this along with the Ganga Aarti for a powerful spiritual experience.

Comfortable Stay for a Joyful Learning:

Joy and Peace go hand in hand.
Peaceful and Comfortable Stay enhances the quality of your grasping power and
creates a Joyful Learning process. Stay Well, Learn Well!!

Feel the Comfort of Your Home in Our Home

When your body is Relaxed, so will be Your Mind. To complement your vibrant course schedule, we make sure that you get the best accommodation which will aid in a Contemplative State of Mind. Our rooms offered to our students are:

Comfortable, Cozy, and Spacious double beds with Ceiling Fans

A place to store clothes

Attached bathrooms with the Hot and Cold water facility.

Mosquito nets on the windows

Complete Wifi access to connect with the Loved ones back home are all organized for your comfort.

We have both single rooms and shared rooms for your comfort which can be chosen according to your needs. Ensure to request for your choice of stay while booking for the course.

A Tasty Yogic Diet

Our Cooking Supports the Yogic Practices and
Satisfies your Taste Buds.
Eat Well and Practice Well!!!

A Taste to Remember

While staying at Rishikul Yogshala, you will enjoy the simple yet delicious delicacies served twice a day. Food is cooked with special affection based on traditional Indian techniques, which are famous all over the world. To encourage the Yogic diet, the food is complemented to serve as per taste and preferences.

The goal is to offer quality nutritious food for smooth functioning of the body and cleanse the system internally, which is highly needed for the yoga training courses.

Also the easy availability of filtered water both for the yoga hall and yoga rooms are available to keep yourself hydrated.

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